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PraytheRosary Apostolate serves Missions throughout the world by providing Rosaries and other sacramentals, free of charge.

We are ALWAYS in need of more rosaries to fill the ever growing need.


We call upon the dedicated and tireless workers...the Rosary Makers of Our donate your hand-made Cord or Twine Rosaries.

For overseas Missions, any color bead or twine may be used, with or without a Center piece. Small tube spacers may be used in the place of knots between the decades.

Please, no more donations of Rosaries or other items

until after April 30th, 2015

We have run out of storage space


You may ship your rosaries in any amount to:


We will package your rosaries in bundles of 50 for each Missions.

Your gift will be acknowledged in writing. We will notify you when your rosaries have shipped, and by which Mission(s) they will be received. We will enclose your information with your gift. In some cases, you will receive a reply directly from the Mission.


In anticipation of your kind and selfless generosity, may we extend our profound gratitude.

May Our Lord Jesus and His Most Blessed Mother guide you and keep company with you in your work for souls.

And may God reward you and bring forth great fruit from your service, in time, and in eternity.


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