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We will Light a Candle for you on our Shrine


Candles were, and are, commonly used to burn before shrines towards which the faithful wish to show special devotion.

The candle burning its life out before a statue is no doubt felt
in some ill-defined way to be symbolical of prayer and sacrifice.

St. Jerome proposed the idea of the supposed virginity of bees,
and the wax is therefore regarded as typifying
in a most appropriate way the flesh of Jesus Christ
born of a virgin mother.
From this has sprung the further conception that the wick
symbolizes more particularly the soul of Jesus Christ
and the flame the Divinity which absorbs and dominates both.

Thus the great paschal candle represents Christ, "the true light",
and the smaller candles are typical of each individual Christian
who strives to reproduce Christ in his life.
This symbolism is still accepted in the Church at large.

As regards material, the candles used for liturgical purposes
should be of beeswax. This is adhered to on account probably
of its symbolic reference to the flesh of Christ, as already explained.




You may request to have an actual blessed candle lit in your name
and placed before an image of Our Blessed Mother
using 12 hour votives, here in our apostolate.


Please submit a briefly worded request.  We will place a virtual candle below  for you,   
with your member name and intention before our virtual Shrine of Our Lady.

Please indicate "holy candle"  in the subject line of your email
and include your Member Name




































by Jeanne M. 

 For the Priests and parishioners of the Montelores Catholic Community, Colorado