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Calendar of Saints






Feb 1 -St. Ignatius (Bishop and Martyr)
Bishop of Antioch who was condemned to the wild beasts in Rome about 110 A.D.

Feb 2 -Purification of Blessed Virgin Mary
According to the Mosaic law Jesus was presented in the temple forty days after His birth and Mary was purified. It is also called Candlemas Day, since the blessingof candles is given on this day.

Feb 3 -St. Blaise (Bishop and Martyr) Bishop of Sebaste in Armenia.
He died in 316 A.D. He is invoked against diseases of the throat due to the miraculous cure of a choking child.

Feb 4 -St. Andrew Corsini (Bishop and Confessor)
Converted from a sinful life he became a Carmelite, and later, a Bishop while continuing a hard life of penance. He died in 1373.

Feb 5 - St. Agatha (Virgin and Martyr)
She endured many torments for her faith before being martyred. Agatha is patroness of Catania, Sicily and invoked by nurses.

Feb 6 -St. Titus (Bishop and Confessor)
Titus accompanied St.Paul on many of his missionary journeys. He was made bishop of Crete to carry on Paul's work there.


Feb 7 -St. Romuald (Abbot)
Founded the Camoldolese monks, a branch of the Benedictine Order, and persevered in his life of austerity and heavenly joy. He died in 1027 A.D.

Feb 8 -St. John of Matha (Confessor)
Founded the Order of Trinitarians in the late twelfth century for the purpose of ransoming Christian captives from the Moslems. His life was consumed in selfless charity to relieve prisoners.

Feb 9 -St. Apollonia (Virgin and Martyr)
An old deaconess, she was captured and tortured by a mob in Alexandria about 249 A.D. Refusing to renounce her faith she had her teeth pulled out and died by fire. She is patroness of dentists.

Feb 10 -St. Scholastica (Virgin)
Sister of St. Benedict, she is considered the first Benedictan nun. She founded, and was abbess of a convent near Monte-Cassino. Her pure soul was seen by St. Benedict ascending to heaven as a dove.

Feb 11 - Our Lady of Lourdes
The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared at a grotto to Bernadette Soubirous between February 11 and July 16, 1858. Mary confirmed that She was the "Immaculate Conception" and asked for prayer, penance and pilgrimages to the grotto.

Feb 12 -Seven Servites
Together in 1223, seven noblemen of Florence founded
the "Servants of Mary" to commemorate the Passion of Jesus and the Sorrows of Mary. Their black habit was given to them by the Blessed Virgin in a vision.

Feb 13 -St. Benignus (Martyr)
He was a priest martyred during the fourth century persecution under Diocletian at Todi, Italy.

Feb 14 -St. Valentine (Martyr)
St. Valentine was a priest of Rome who aided Christians in prison or being persecuted. He was martyred about 270 A.D.

Feb 15 -St. Faustinus (Martyr)
Along with his brother, St. Jovita, he was martyred for the Faith in Brescia, Italy about 117 A.D.

Feb 16 -St. Onesimus (Martyr)
He was a runaway slave who was converted and baptized
by St. Paul, and later stoned to death.

Feb 17-St. Fintan (Abbot)
Trained as a monk by St. Columba in the seventh century, he became abbot of a monastery in Cloneenagh, Ireland. He is renowned for extreme asceticism.

Feb 18 -St. Simeon (Bishop and Martyr)
Simeon was the son of Cleophas and cousin of Christ. He was bishop of Jerusalem and was martyred in 107 A.D.

Feb 19 -St. Gabinus (Martyr)
The brother of Pope St. Caius he was ordained in his old age and persecuted under Diocletian. He died in prison in Rome 295 A.D.

Feb 20 -St. Leo (Bishop)
Leo was a priest at Ravenna, Italy, then bishop of Catania, Sicily. He died in the eighth century.

Feb 21 -St. Severian (Bishop and Martyr)
A dauntless opposer of the Monophysite heresy, Severian was put to death under Theodosius II in Asia Minor in 453 A.D.

Feb 22 -St. Peter's Chair at Antioch
As head of the Church, St. Peter resided in Antioch about 51-52 A.D. before going to Rome.

Feb 23 -St. Peter Damian (Bishop and Doctor)
Abbot of a Camaldolese monastery. He became bishop of Ostia and was an advisor to the Holy See. He died in 1072 A.D.

Feb 24 -St. Modestus (Bishop)
This holy Bishop of Treves, France died in 489 A.D.

Feb 25 -St. Matthias (Apostle)
He was elected to take the place of Judas among the Apostles. He was martyred in the first century amid his apostolic labors in Judea and Cappadocia.

Feb 26 -St. Donatus (Martyr)
He is named as one of fifty martyrs put to death in northern Mrica during the Diocletian persecution in 304 A.D.

Feb 27 -St. Porphyrius (Bishop) (353-420)
A Greek who was named bishop of Gaza and entrusted with the relic of the Holy Cross, he successfully drove out pagan customs and died in 420 A.D.

Feb 28 -St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows (Confessor)(1838-1862)
A young Passionist, he spent his short life as an apostle of Mary's Sorrows. He died at age 24.