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                                Childlike Devotion to Mary Our Mother



According to Saint Louis Marie DeMontfort


Childlike Devotion to Our Blessed Mother consists of prayerfully developing the following elements of devotion during our life time.

BLESSED and most gracious Virgin Mary,
in the presence of God's majesty
and before the whole heavenly court,
I, a wretched sinner, cast myself at your feet.
I acknowledge you as Queen of heaven and earth,
as the Immaculate Mother of God and my Mother.
I firmly hold as true whatever Holy Mother Church
believes and teaches concerning you, namely:

1. That from all eternity you were most intimately and inseparably united with the Son of God in the Divine Decree of the Incarnation.

2. That by a very special grace and privilege
bestowed upon you by God
in view of the merits of Jesus, our Savior,
you were kept free from all stain of original sin
from the very first moment of your conception.

3. That the Son of God took flesh in your womb,
and for that reason you are truly the Mother of God. 

4. That you gave birth to God's own Son while still remaining a Virgin.

5. That by a special favor of God's goodness
you were free from every personal sin throughout life.

6. That after your blessed death you were taken to heaven with body and soul.

7. That as Queen of heaven and earth you were enthroned in splendor near your Son, and your reign will never end. Most heartily do I acclaim all that the adorable Trinity has done for you!


HAIL Mary! Daughter, Mother, Spouse of God Almighty!
 Hail, Queen of heaven and earth!
You are the delight of the adorable Trinity,
the admiration of the angels, the theme of praise for the saints, the beloved of the just, the refuge of tender mercy to sinners, the cause of terror to evil spirits.

All things are subject to you.
All ages bow to you in respect.
The angelic choirs never tire of singing your praises:
Holy Mary, Mother of God, Virgin and Mother!
I, too, desire to lend my voice to that unending hymn
of praise of the angels and the saints
in the name of all those who do not praise you,
or who fail to love you as they ought.


MY MOST loving Mother Mary, although I do not deserve
to be numbered among your favorite children
because of my sinfulness and spiritual poverty,
mindful of your goodness, I beg to be entirely your own.

I consecrate to you forever my soul with all its powers,
my body with all its senses - all my thoughts, desires,
words and actions - my merits, my whole life
and the end of my life.
Moreover, I entrust to your motherly care
my striving for holiness,
my career in life, all my undertakings, my health.
Most amiable Mother, all belongs to you!
I do not want to keep anything for myself.
My only desire is to live and die serving God
in union with you.
Be my Mother, my Queen, my Guide and my Advocate!
Shield, instruct and take care of me. Lead me as you will.
Imprint your name upon my heart in letters of gold,
never to be erased; likewise imprint my name
upon your own Immaculate Heart.
Enclose my heart in your own
and enkindle in it the fire of love
that ever burns in yours.
Give me your spirit that it may always animate me.


 MARY, after God I am resolved to love and honor you
above all things as my dearest Mother and Queen.
I long to win the whole world for you
and to inflame all hearts with love for you.
I yearn to live and die as your
most zealous apostle and most faithful child.
Would that I were accounted worthy
of shedding my blood in the interest
of your honor and glory! Most faithful Mother,
I most humbly plead for this privilege.

I will proclaim till my last breath:
"Hail Mary, my Life, my Sweetness and my Hope;
full of grace, the Lord is with thee,
blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the Fruit of thy womb, Jesus,
to Whom with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
be glory, praise and thanksgiving throughout all ages!"




MOTHER most holy, in order that I may give proof
of my childlike love for you, I promise to try,
with God's grace and your help,
to carry out these resolutions all my life:

1.  To say my Rosary daily;

2. To consecrate each Saturday to your honor
and offer up some prayer and sacrifice
to please you on that day;

3. To honor you especially on your feast days. .


MY MOST loving Mother and Queen!
It is because I want to love you always, to praise you,
to thank you for your many favors,
to atone for all that may ever have displeased you,
that I make with you this contract of love:

In union with the expressions of love,
praise and thanksgiving
shown you by God the Father to His beloved Daughter,
by God the Son to His sweetest Mother,
by God the Holy Ghost to His Immaculate Spouse,
by all the angels and saints to their glorious Queen,
and by the just to their most kind Mother–
I offer you all the thoughts, words and actions of my life
as so many acts of perfect love, praise,
 thanksgiving and atonement; as so many petitions
that we all may be devoted to you and that after this our exile you may show us the blessed Fruit of your womb, Jesus, that together with you
we may praise Him forever.




DEAREST Mother, accept me just as I am.
Aid me. in carrying out my good resolutions
and preserve me from every sin.
Bless me with your motherly blessing.
Grant that, day by day, I may grow in your love.
Shield me from the snares of the devil, the world and the flesh, so that my life may resemble your own more each day. I entrust my future to your care.
You know how much I want to love you.
May your glory be spread throughout the world!

United with you, sweetest Mother,
I desire to live and die for my God.
Together with you I yearn to be His own for time and for eternity. In you, my Queen, I have hoped!
I shall not be put to shame, but I shall praise your kindness for all eternity .O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary!