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Thanksgiving Prayer of Saint John  Chrysostom

What praise, of what hymn, or what thanksgiving,
or what recompense shall we offer unto Thee,
the Only God, Who lovest mankind?

For when we were condemned to destruction
and immersed in our sins,
Thou didst bestow freedom upon us,
and hast given us
the immortal and heavenly nourishment
of the Body and Blood of Thy Christ.

Therefore we pray Thee:
Deliver us from judgment,
together with Thy servants who minister unto Thee.

Keep us and them in honor and holy living;
and those who pray with us,
and who have been partakers of Thy Mystical Table,
preserve free of condemnation unto their last breath.

May it be unto them a sanctification of soul and body,
unto the keeping of Thy Commandments;
and thus may we be granted tp attain
Thy Heavenly Kingdom,
together with all who have been
well-pleasing unto Thee from all ages:

Through the prayers and intercessions
of our holy, all-pure, most blessed and glorious Lady,
the Birth giver of God and Ever-Virgin Mary,
and of all Thy Saints, now and ever,
and unto ages of ages.