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Saint Anthony the Miracle Worker

Feast day June 13


Anthony led a remarkablelife in his 36 years.

He was already a priest and a teacher of theology in Lisbon, Portugal
when he met some early Franciscans on their way to North Africa.
When some of them were martyred for the Faith,
Anthony was inspired to join Saint Francis in Italy.
Francis asked him to teach the brethren
"provided the spirit of prayer and devotion be not extinguished."

He agreed and became the most famous preacher of his day.
He had great empathy for ordinary people
and could explain complicated things clearly.

Because of his great knowledge of Scripture,
he is usually shown holding a Bible.

He is also shown holding the Child Jesus,
for Jesus was said to have appeared to him in this manner.

Even though he spent only the last few years of his life in Padua,
he was beloved of the entire city.
Today, St. Anthony is a great favorite, beloved of the whole Church.
People are still comfortably at ease praying to him, asking his help,
seeking the return of lost objects
or entrusting someone ill or in trouble to his care.

Jesus tells us to seek, ask and knock - not only for objects lost
but also for larger favors needed.
He teaches us that where our treasure is, there our heart is found as well.
This is the true message of devotion to Saint Anthony.
As our friend, he teaches us to put our hearts in the right place.




Miracle Prayer to Saint Anthony

O Good and gentle Saint Anthony,

your love of God and concern

for His creatures

made you worthy while on earth

to possess miraculous powers.

Miracle waited on your word,

which you were always ready to request

for those in trouble or anxiety.

Encouraged by this thought,

I implore you to obtain for me

( Here mention your request )

The answer to my prayer may require a miracle.

Even so, you are the Saint of Miracles.

Gentle and Loving St. Anthony,

whose heart is ever full of human sympathy,

take my petition to the Infant Savior

for Whom you have such a great love,

and the gratitude of my heart will ever be yours.