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Meditations and Prayers on The Most Precious Blood of our Divine Savior

 Eternal Father, I offer Thee the most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ
in atonement for my sins, in supplication for the Holy Souls in Purgatory
and for the needs of holy Church.


You know that you were ransomed from the futile ways inherited from your fathers, not with perishable things such as silver or gold, but with the Precious Blood of Christ, like that of a lamb without blemish or spot.
I Peter 1:18-19

Holy Mother Church has a profound love for the Most Precious Blood
of her Divine Spouse, since It is the Price of our salvation!
Without the shedding of the Blood of the Lamb of God,
we could not be redeemed.

Without His cleansing and vivifying Blood coursing through the Church,
there would be no Mystical Body of Christ.

Without His glorious Blood, the Sacraments would have no effect.

Without His redeeming Blood,
Mary would never have been conceived without sin,
and there would be no saints whatsoever,
for "they have washed their robes and made them white
in the Blood of the Lamb"

The Precious Blood has been given to us as the Treasure of the Church which we may offer again and again for ourselves and for others.
What can we call more our own in Christ's Sacred Body than His Blood, which He let fall to this earth from the Cross
as the priceless endowment of our souls?
And yet how few are those who know how to profit by it.

If you had in your possession all the heroic acts of the elect,
all the sufferings of the Martyrs, the virtues and merits of all the Saints,
even the merits of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
all this would be like an atom of dust compared to the Precious Blood! Happy the soul who has found this treasure,
the Precious Blood of Jesus, and who makes use of It.

To offer the Precious Blood of Jesus let us take It wherever we are,
in all we suffer, in all we do, in all we feel of good or of evil,
to sanctify the one and repair the other.


The Most Precious Blood of Christ is an aspect of His Sacred Humanity.
It is therefore hypostatically united to His Deity

and so can receive our worship, adoration, and love.
When we pray to the Precious Blood,
we are praying to the Person of Jesus Christ, our Savior,
present in His Blood.

The Precious Blood in the Holy Scriptures

Sacred Scripture mentions seven specific instances in Jesus' life
where He shed His Precious Blood, relating to our salvation.
Holy Mother Church promotes a devotion to these
"Seven Bloodsheddings" of Christ.


The Circumcision

"And at the end of eight days, when he was circumcised, he was called Jesus, the name given by the angel
before he was conceived in the womb." (Luke 2:21)



The Agony in the Garden

"And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly;
and his sweat became like great drops of Blood
falling down upon the ground." (Lk 22:44)







  The Scourging

"Then Pilate took Jesus and scourged him." (John 19:1)



The Crowning with Thorns

"And the soldiers plaited a crown of thorns, and put it on his head."
(John 19:2) 



The Carrying of the Cross

"So they took Jesus, and he went out, bearing his own cross,
to the place called the place of a skull,
which is called in Hebrew Gol'gotha." (John 19:17)



The Crucifixion

"There they crucified him, and with him two others,
one on either side, and Jesus between them." (John 19:18)


The Piercing of His Side

"But one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear,
and at once there came out Blood and water." (John 19:34).




To offer the Precious Blood is to tell the Eternal Father:
Behold, I am nothing but weakness, corruption and misery,
but I offer Thee the sanctity, the strength,

the purity of the Precious Blood.

I am cold, but I offer Thee the Precious Blood
pulsating with the love of the Sacred Heart.
I have fallen, I have sullied my soul,
I offer Thee the Precious Blood of Jesus to expiate all.

Prayer to the Precious Blood of Jesus
O Precious Blood of Jesus, infinite price of sinful man's redemption,
both drink and laver of our souls, Thou who dost plead continually
 the cause of man before the throne of infinite mercy;
from the depths of my heart, I adore Thee, and so far as I am able,
I would requite Thee for the insults and outrages
which Thou dost continually receive from human beings,
and especially from those who rashly dare to blaspheme Thee.
Who would not bless this Blood of infinite value?
Who doth not feel within himself the fire and love of Jesus
 who shed it all for us? What would be my fate,
had I not been redeemed by this divine Blood?
Who hath drawn it from the veins of my Savior, even to the last drop?
Ah, this surely was the work of love.
O infinite love, grant that every heart and every tongue may be enabled
to praise Thee, magnify Thee and give Thee thanks
now and for evermore. Amen.


“It is not as severed from Jesus' Sacred Body that the Precious Blood
is now to be adored and offered, but as It is, at this moment,
within the living Jesus, in heaven and in the Blessed Sacrament.
Therefore, the soul that possesses the Precious Blood
has everything and desires nothing more.
The offering of the Precious Blood is of infinite efficacy.
It begs remission for past sins or rather exacts it;
It is a remedy against future sin;
It returns thanks for all graces general or personal;
It procures help from on high and brings comfort
to the living and the dead.
The practice of offering the Precious Blood is most pleasing to God; because, through It, He is glorified in the most sublime
and excellent manner.
As often as a creature offers the Precious Blood by which it was redeemed, it offers a gift of unequaled and infinite price."

 ~ St Mary Magdalene de Pazzi


The renowned apostle of the Precious Blood
and founder of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood used to say that
he wished he had a thousand tongues to preach
about the power of the Blood of Jesus for the salvation of all.
"No! The chastisements of God are not yet at end; still more sorrowful times are ahead; and divine justice will be placated by the devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ."
~ St. Gaspar del Buffalo


"The world can still set itself right and always will be able to,
because the voice and Blood of Christ cry out for pity and mercy...
Devotion to the Precious Blood is the devotion of our time...
It is devotion for all souls, for the whole world."
Now at the dawning of the twenty-first century,
Our Lord has come again to wake us from our slumber
and to plead with us to return to this powerful devotion to console Him,
to adore His Precious Blood, and in return, He will bless us.
~ Pope John XXIII



Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

V. Lord, have mercy.
R. Lord, have mercy.

V. Christ, have mercy.
R. Christ, have mercy.

V. Lord, have mercy.
R. Lord, have mercy.

V. Jesus, hear us.
R. Jesus, graciously hear us.

V.  God, the Father of Heaven,
R.  Have mercy on us.

V. God, the Son, Redeemer of the world,
R. Have mercy on us.

V. God, the Holy Spirit,
R. Have mercy on us.

V. Holy Trinity, One God,
R.  Have mercy on us.

Response for the following: Save us.

Blood of Christ, only-begotten Son of the Eternal Father,
Blood of Christ, Incarnate Word of God,
Blood of Christ, of the New and Eternal Testament,
Blood of Christ, falling upon the earth in the Agony,
Blood of Christ, shed profusely in the Scourging,
Blood of Christ, flowing forth in the Crowning with Thorns,
Blood of Christ, poured out on the Cross,
Blood of Christ, price of our salvation,
Blood of Christ, without which there is no forgiveness.
Blood of Christ, Eucharistic drink and refreshment of souls,
Blood of Christ, stream of mercy,
Blood of Christ, victor over demons,
Blood of Christ, courage of Martyrs,
Blood of Christ, strength of Confessors,
Blood of Christ, bringing forth Virgins,
Blood of Christ, help of those in peril,
Blood of Christ, relief of the burdened,
Blood of Christ, solace in sorrow,
Blood of Christ, hope of the penitent,
Blood of Christ, consolation of the dying,
Blood of Christ, peace and tenderness of hearts,
Blood of Christ, pledge of eternal life,
Blood of Christ, freeing souls from purgatory,
Blood of Christ, most worthy of all glory and honor,

Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world.
R. Spare us, O Lord

Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world,
R. Graciously hear us, O Lord.

Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world,
R. Have mercy on us.

You have redeemed us, O Lord, in your Blood.
R.  And made us, for our God, a kingdom.

Let us pray.

Almighty and eternal God, you have appointed your only-begotten Son the Redeemer of the world, and willed to be appeased by his Blood. Grant we beg of you, that we may worthily adore this price of our salvation, and through its power be safeguarded from the evils of the present life, so that we may rejoice in its fruits forever in heaven. Through the same Christ our Lord. 






Images adapted from:
The Crucifixion, by Valezquez ;
The Crowning, The Scourging by Caravaggio; The Agony, by DiBella
Christ Carrying the Cross by Gian Francesco de Maineri
The Crucifixion by Hans Baldung Grien