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Secret of The Rosary


 As you come to have knowledge of The Mysteries,
you will realize, possibly for the first time,
what a treasure the Mother of God gave us
about 750 years ago through St. Dominic.

Because it has so often in the past revitalized
the spirituality of people from every walk of life,
clergy, religious, laity - young, middle aged, elderly,
many are now turning again to Our Lady
for help through the Holy Rosary.

Because of it, everyone's faith becomes more vital,
alive - and fruitful.

Through the promotion of the Holy Rosary
all can make their spare time invaluable
to help save Souls, our Youth, Country and Church.

With a history replete with victory after victory,
and now in our times, should we then have anything
but full trust and confidence in it.

Starting today, make a sincere, honest, even heroic effort so this "Heaven sent," most powerful weapon
for saving souls and to obtain peace
can become known to all sincere Christians everywhere.

Can you think of anything that you could do
that would be more important!!!

Once committed to memory,
the fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary will serve as a daily, scripturally based study of events
in the lives of Our Lord and His Mother.

Sincere effort and pious reading will further serve
to enhance your meditation upon these events.

You may also wish to remember that the Rosary is a gift from the World's Greatest Mother,
the Person who knew Our Lord better than anyone
who ever lived on earth.



It will be a treasure to you now, and until you are safe
in your heavenly home for all eternity;
there to enjoy the beatific vision of Our Lord Himself,
His Holy Mother and the Saints
forever and ever.

You will also have the satisfaction of knowing
that you are contributing in an important way each day
and with each Rosary you say
to the Security of Our Church and Country
as well as the Peace of the World.


Remember the Promise of Our Lady of Fatima, in 1917,
is still in effect:

She is only awaiting the cooperation
of each and every one of us.




The Sublime Mission of The Rosary

The "MISSION" of the Rosary is to bring us
to a realization of the purpose of our existence
and of the importance of applying
the TRUTHS of the Gospel in our daily life and conduct.

If, up until now, the praying of the Rosary
has not produced these results, it may be because
we have not been properly informed in its correct use,
nor told of its purpose.
In consequence of this lack of sufficient knowledge, then,
we have not been praying the Rosary
with due understanding and devotion.


Our Blessed Mother once lamented:


 Meditating Upon the Mysteries of Our Faith

The great St. Bernard, Doctor of the Church, gives us
the correct method of praying the Rosary and if adopted,
surprising results will follow. 


He states in his writing on the subject:
"While your lips pronounce the words let your mind
'picture' the Mystery-not as an event
which took place centuries ago,
but as events taking place NOW in your presence.
In each mental picture thus formed, see also yourself
there in the scene, studying the scene."

St. Bernard warns us not to change the mental 'picture'
but let it remain unchanged. He states that if the 'picture' is recalled without change, it will become more lifelike.

During your course of coming to a deeper understanding
of The Rosary, a clearer mental picture of each Mystery
will be attained if only one meditation on a mystery
is studied each day.

Better effects may result, if someone would read aloud
each of the meditations on the different mysteries
while the others of the family listen.

After several weeks, the various members of the family
could take turns at reading the meditations so that
all may share alike the opportunity
to profit from the Scriptural promise:

"Faith comes through hearing."


We cannot come to KNOW the Rosary unless we














Excerpted, in part, from: Divine Mysteries of the Rosary
Compiled, edited and published
by J.M.J. Book Company