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Our Apostolate Activity

We provide free rosaries to Catholic Missions overseas, and to individuals who request the Sacramentals Packet we offer, which may include a Rosary, a Brown Scapular, a Green Scapular, a Miraculous Medal and a Medal of St. Benedict, and the acompanying pamphlets for each.

In some instances we are able to provide for the special needs of certain Missions, as our budget allows.

We have been in operation since August 22, 2001. We began publicly posting our service record in January, 2011. View our 2011 service record HERE.

Below is a current listing of those who have received gifts from our apostolate.

Updated  12/31/12


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  Fr. B. Chakravarthy  India   01/14/12 50 rosaries 
  Fr Anthony Vedamuthu  India   01/14/12  50 rosaries
  Rev. Fr. Jose  Kerala, India  01/23/12  50 rosaries
  Br. Viagulam  Chennai, India  01/23/12  64 rosaries
 Individual  Tucson, AZ  02/03/12  sacramentals packet
 Individual  Louisville, KY  02/03/12  sacramentals packet
 Individual  Louisville, KY  02/03/12  sacramentals packet
  Fr. Bharath
St Francis Xavier Boarding
 Srikakulum, India  02/08/12   shipped donated rosaries, medals, chaplets
  Fr John D'Cruz  Vatsavai, India  02/08/12  shipped 50 donated rosaries
  Fr. S. Emmanuel  Coimbatore, India  02/08/12  shipped 50 donated rosaries
  Fr.G.Raju  Mylavaram, India  02/11/12  $90 for "spiritual daughters"
  Rev Fr Smilen Mario   Khammam, India  02/15/12  shipped 50 donated rosaries
 Archdiocese of the Military  Washington, D.C.  02/15/12   shipped 50 donated rosaries
 JB Lewis-McChord  Lakewood, WA  02/15/12  shipped 50 donated rosaries
 American Life League  Stafford, VA  02/15/12  $10.00
 Fr. Suvakin Jebamalai  Tamilnadu, India  02/16/12  50 rosaries
 Fr Lawrence Odoemena  Lagos, Nigeria  02/27/12  50 rosaries
 Fr Titus Roshan  Tamilnadu, India  02/27/12  50 rosaries
 Individual  Los Angeles, CA  02/29/12  sacramentals pkt
 Sister Mary Michael Okafor  Nigeria  03/06/12  50 rosaries
 Fr Anthony Jayanth  Aswapuram, India  03/07/12  50 rosaries
 Chaplain Padre PJ Vere  Sault Ste. Marie, Canada  03/07/12  shipped 50 donated rosaries
 JB Lewis-McChord  Lakewood, WA  03/07/12  shipped 50 donated rosaries
 Oakland County Jail Ministry  Pontiac, MI  03/10/12  50 rosaries
 JB Lewis-McChord  Lakewood WA  03/15/12  shipped donated rosaries
 Church of Our Lady of Health  Chennai, India  03/21/12  50 rosaries
 Individual  Madison, WI  03/21/12  rosary
 Rev. Fr. Jose  Ernakulam, India  3/30/12  50 rosaries
 Archdiocese of the Military  Washington, DC  3/30/12  shipped donated rosaries
 Individual  Archer, FL  4/02/12  rosary pkt
 Individual  San Antonio, TX  4/02/12  rosary
 Joachim Chukwudi (seminarian)  Nigeria  4/11/12  50 rosaries; Divine Mercy leaflets
 Br. Viagulam  Chennai, India  4/11/12  50 rosaries
 Individual  Phoenix, AZ  4/12/12  rosary
 Br Emmanuel Obele  Nigeria  4/17/12  50 rosaries
 Chaplain Richard Nevard Rosaries for Troops   4/23/12  50 twine rosaries
 Fr. Charles Suresh Tamilnadu, India  4/23/12  50 rosaries
 Fr Mathew Katara  Madhya Pradesh, India  4/24/12  50 rosaries
 Individual  Broken Arrow, OK  4/25/12  sacramentals pkt
 Fr. Kiran Kumar Thumma  Amaravati, India  5/02/12  50 donated rosaries
 Fr. Mathibela Sebothoma  Rosslyn, South Africa  5/02/12  50 donated rosaries
 Fr Ambrose Ohene  Yola Town, Nigeria  5/02/12  50 donated rosaries
 Fr. Arul Irudayasamy  Tamilnadu, India  5/02/12  50 donated rosaries
 Individual  Ahmednagar, India  5/02/12  sacramentals pkt
 Chaplian Richard Nevard  Rosaries for Troops   5/02/12  38 Twine Rosaries
 Individual  King, NC  5/11/12  sacramentals pkt
 Fr. Arul Irudayasamy  Tamilnadu, India  5/15/12  50 rosaries
 Fr. Joseph Lule  Mombasa, Kenya  5/21/12  50 donated rosaries
 Rev. Fr. Smilen Mario  Chinthakani, India  5/21/12  50 donated rosaries
 Individual  India  5/21/12  sacramentals & pamphlets pkt
 Individual  Omaha. NE  5/28/12  sacramentals pkt
 Chaplain Nevard  Rosaries for Troops  6/01/12  10 Patriotic Chain Rosaries; 4 Chain
 Individual   Staten Island, NY  6/08/12  medal
 Bro. Alvin de Perio  Quezon City, Philippines  6/08/12  50 rosaries
 Fr Anthony Vedamuthu  Ahmedabad, India  6/15/12  40 donated plus 10 rosaries
 Individual  St. Marys, KS  6/15/12  Third Order Scapular
 Fr Godvarthi Raju  India  6/20/12

Funds for catechisms, notebooks, uniforms;New roof for spiritual daughters

 Fr Anthony Jayanth  Khammam, India  6/23/12 Funds for purchase of Statue of Mary
 Individual  Athens, Georgia  6/21/12  sacramentas pkt
 Rev. Deacon Chibwe Tembo  Lukulu, Zambia  6/25/12  50 rosaries
 Fr George Ogah  Nigeria  6/25/12  50 rosaries
 Bro Alvin de Perio  Philippines  7/12/12  Funds to purchase Communion plates
 Individual  Deltona, FL  7/12/12  sacramentals pkt
 Sister Mary Sheila Perera  Sri Lanka  7/12/12  50 rosaries
 Rev Fr Xavier Arokiasamy  Sivaganga Dist. India  7/14/12  50 rosaries
 Individual  Staten Island, NY  7/14/12  rosary
 Spiritual Daughters  Andhra Pradesh, India  7/14/12  Funds
 Individual  Erwin TN  7/20/12  sacramentals pkt
 American Legion Chaplain  Pittsburgh, PA  7/23/12  50 rosaries
 Fr Daniel Arockia Dass  Bangarapallayam India  8/02/12  50 rosaries
 Fr Rahul Bino  Bihar, India  8/02/12  50 rosaries
 Individual  Nashville, TN  8/07/12  sacramentals pkt
 St Agnes Church  Shepherdstown, WV  9/05/12  groups sale 50 rosaries
 Ch Jin Choi, USN  Fort Leonard Wood, MO  9/05/12  shipped 50 donated rosaries
 Br.Emmanuel Obele  Nigeria  9/13/12  shipped 50 donated rosaries
 Bro. Alvin de Perio  Philippines  9/13/12  shipped 50 donated rosaries
 Fr.Reddy Bharath  Srikakulam, India  9/13/12  50 rosaries
 Spiritual Daughters  Andhra Pradesh, India  9/13/12  funds
 Fr.Reddy Bharath  Srikakulam, India  9/17/12  shipped 8.5 pounds donated sacramentals
 Sr Rosamystica  Morogoro, Tanzania   9/17/12  shipped 8.0 pounds donated sacramentals
 Fr Praveen Kumar  Assam, India  9/19/12  25 rosaries and 8 donated scapulars
 Br.Emmanuel Obele  Nigeria  9/24/12  shipped donated medals, booklets, rosaries
 Fr. F. Ovienloba  Nigeria  9/24/12  shipped 50 donated rosaries
 Fr. S. Emmanuel  Coimbatore, India  9/24/12  shipped donated rosaries and holy cards
 Sr Rosamystica  Morogoro,Tanzania  9/24/12  shipped 50 donated rosaries
 Fr. Gerald Migadde  Masaka, Uganda  10/01/12  50 rosaries
 Several Sources Shelters  Ramsey, NJ  10/09/12  $25.00
 Fr Mathibela Sebothoma  Pretoria West, Africa  10/17/12  50 rosaries
 Individual  Jersey City, NJ  10/17/12  rosary packet
 Rev Fr K Arulappa  West Goadavari, India  10/24/12  75 donated rosaries
 John Isika  Mwala, Kenya  10/24/12  75 donated rosaries
 Rev Fr K Arulappa  West Goadavari, India  10/25/12  funds for orphanage
 Padre PJ Vere  Sault Ste. Marie, ON  10/29/12  donated Military rosaries
 Rev. Deacon Chibwe Tembo  Lukulu, Zambia  10/29/12  shipped 50 donated rosaries
 Rev. James Mills - TROOPS  109 Artillery Battery, PA  11/13/12  shipped 50 donated rosaries
 Seminarian  Trumau, Austria  11/13/12  rosary making supplies
 Fr. Eduardo Gabriel  New Orleans LA  11/13/12  50 rosaries prison ministry
 Br. Viagulam  Chennai, India  11/13/12  50 rosaries
 Marine Corps Detachment  Fort Leonard Wood, MO  11/13/12  50 donated rosaries TROOPS
 Individual  Merrillville, IN  11/19/12  Brown Scapular
 Individual  Springfield, MA  11/19/12  sacramentals pkt
 Fr. Eduardo Gabriel  New Orleans, LA  11/21/12  50 donated rosaries - Prisons
 Fr. Mathew Katara  Madhya Pradesh, India  12/03/12  50 rosaries
 CH Richard Nevard  APO  12/03/12  30 donated rosaries for TROOPS
 Individual  La Quinta, CA  12/03/12  sacramentals pkt
 Individual  Perek, Maylaysia  12/03/12  sacramentals pkt
 Individual  Wilkes Barre, PA  12/03/12  sacramentals pkt
 Fr. Gerald Migadde  Masaka, Uganda  12/11/12  50 rosaries
 Fr Anthony Jayanth  Khammam, India  12/11/12  50 rosaries
 Individual  Columbus OH  12/11/12  sacramentals packet
 Individual  Tarentum, PA  12/11/12  sacramentals packet
 Tacoma Homeless Shelter Tacoma, WA  12/15/12  $25
 Marine Corps Chaplain   Ft Leonard Wood, MO  12/24/12  shipped 41 donated rosaries from 6th grade students
 Fr. Carlos G. Ronquillo   Manila Philippines  12/24/12  shipped 50 donated rosaries
 Spiritual Daughters  Andhra Pradesh, India  12/24/12  funds