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Our Visit with The Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima


 The Royal Guest

An Account of our visit with The Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima 

- Story and Pictures by Mary T Meier  



For the Thanksgiving holidays 2002, we were privileged by a visit
from a very special guest.
With great anticipation, we looked forward
to the arrival of this great Lady.


The house was made spotless, and a special place of honor
was prepared where she would reside.
The lady would rest upon pale blue satin,
with lace beneath her feet, and white roses would surround her.
Placed behind her was a large image of her Son;
for we knew she went nowhere without Him,
and that one could hardly gaze upon her face without seeing His.


Her three hundred mile excursion to our home
was chauffeured by our daughter and a friend.
Courtiers of the Queen, they carefully carried in her traveling case,
and found it had been inscribed with a blessing
for all who had aided in her journey.

Upon opening the large magnificent trunk,
like children finding a treasure chest,
all were aghast as they beheld the beauty within
. . .soft, creamy white garments, golden sashes,
and a dazzling crown, encrusted with jewels
the likeness of rubies and sapphires,
the colors of suffering and virtue.

The pearls of her Rosary were passed to each family member,
as  Father escorted the Lady to her place of honor. 
Mother lit the candles and together with the children
all breathlessly offered a prayer of thanksgiving
that such a noble Lady,  model of virtue and image of humility,
had come to our home to visit.


News of our guest spread about, and soon visitors young and old
came to keep court with our Queen.
Requests were made of her, that she might deliver for us to her Son. Special thanks and prayers of honor were offered.
The Church, the Holy Father, our country, its President,
the Military, and our beloved living and dead
were entrusted to her care.
Family members, long absent from the practice,
joined in meditation as we offered a Rosary for peace
and the conversion of poor sinners.


Our Pilgrim Virgin was left unattended only once
during the five-day visit, while the family was at Mass.
There, alms for the poor were offered in her name.
She was otherwise, never left alone.

Nor did she leave us alone!

Seemingly she beckoned with her sweet countenance,
to come, keep silent company,  to fall upon our knees
and  offer another rosary.
And to receive the graces which flow freely
from the Hands of Our Savior
 through the Heart of His Mother.

Today, we bid farewell, and sent the Virgin Mother on her way,
on yet another pilgrimage to the hearts of man.
But she will remain forever in our memory,
her spiritual presence as poignant and pronounced
as is now the physical absence of the Pilgrim Virgin statue.






 We owe a debt of gratitude to the founders of
The Fatima Project
for making this visit with Our Lady possible.
May Our Lord bless and give increase to all their endeavors.

And may the Triumph of The Immaculate Heart of Mary
be accomplished throughout the world
as it surely has been
in the heart and the home of this family.


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